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BA Group is founded in 1994.

Its mission is the development of the untapped potential that each human being and also each organization has -waiting to be uncovered.

This development is achieved through a practical tailor-made philosophical program applied to knowing oneself.

We have concluded that regardless their activity, profession, occupation or cultural background; all human beings and organizations have the need to develop their dormant potential.

We observe –as our Academic Director Adela Meikler, Ph.D. goes on to prove in her Doctoral Thesis– that generating a personalized framework, employing BA Group’s Applied Philosophy and maintaining it through time; the potential of the person or the organization exponentially develops.

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Directora Académica de BA Group

Achieving proposed goals more easily, generating healthy relationships and increasing personal happiness are but some of the multiple benefits of BA Group’s Applied Philosophy that impact positively our personal, social and work life.

26 years of experience and continuous improvement, dozens of companies and hundreds of people going through our group and individual programs, attest to the effectiveness of this methodology.

Some of the benefits of BA Group's Applied Philosophy are:

At work:

-Improved leadership-skills regarding communication and motivation.

-Increased creativity in finding new ways and problem-solving.

-Quicker adaptation to change.

In Organizations:

-Bettering motivation and receptivity in both management and employee levels.

-Growing of team spirit.

-Increased organizational happiness.


-Increased harmony in family and social relationships.

-Be more accepted and liked.

-Begetting healthy and quality interpersonal relationships.


-Increased personal happiness.

-Greater understanding of the universal laws that govern us.

-Increased ability of enjoying personal, social and working experiences.





The goal of BA Group’s Applied Philosophy is the development, well-being and happiness of the human being through the knowing of oneself.

According to our methodology, one of the most effective ways of knowing oneself is through action in everyday life; hence the expression "Applied ".

BA Group's Applied Philosophy embraces all licit human activities as well as the different areas on which life develops itself whether work, social or personal.

At the same time it implements observation, experimentation and verification of the results that are obtained by this practice.


  • The Human Being in relation to oneself.

  • The Human Being in relation to other human beings.

  • The Human Being in relation to the Universe and its laws.


  • Each Human Being is Unique and Unrepeatable.

  • The Human Being is by nature a Social Being.

  • "Recognition" is one of the basic needs of the Human Being.

  • Each time the Human Being wonders about or reflects upon what they observe, they are adopting a Philosophical Attitude.

  • Each Human Being carries out –either unintentionally or deliberately– their own quest for wisdom; in other words: their own Philosophical-Learning quest.

  • The World and Life themselves are the actual containers of the elements for the philosophical learning.

  • Human Being's Personal Goals are the natural driving-force towards the philosophical learning.

  • The philosophical learning may be carried out in a Healthy Manner, or not.

  • Healthy philosophical learning yields Wisdom.

  • Only knowledge can be transmitted; Wisdom cannot, it emerges experientially.

  • Wisdom is a generator of Happiness.

  • Happiness is a state of mind of the Human Being. Such a state of mind can be more constant and increasing according to the intensity of the Philosophical Learning.

  • The Future of each Human Being is designed, to a large extent, by their actions on their present time.

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