Fundamental principles

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For didactic purposes, we study the Human Being under three aspects

In relation to oneself.

​In relation to other human beings.

What is BA Group

We are based on the following fundamental principles

  • Each Human Being is UNIQUE and UNREPEATABLE.

  • ​The Human Being is BY NATURE A SOCIAL BEING.

  • ​"RECOGNITION" is one of the basic needs of the Human Being.

  • ​Each time the Human Being wonders about or reflects upon what they observe, they are adopting a PHILOSOPHICAL ATTITUDE.

  • ​Each Human Being carries out –either unintentionally or deliberately– their own quest for Wisdom; in other words: their own PHILOSOPHICAL-LEARNING quest.

  • ​​The WORLD and LIFE themselves are the actual containers of the elements for the Philosophical Learning.

  • ​​Human Being's PERSONAL GOALS are the natural driving-force towards the Philosophical Learning.

  • ​The Philosophical Learning may be carried out in a HEALTHY MANNER, or not.

  • ​Healthy Philosophical Learning yields WISDOM.

  • ​Only Knowledge can be transmitted; Wisdom cannot, it emerges experientially.

  • ​Wisdom is a generator of HAPPINESS.

  • ​Happiness is a state of mind of the Human Being. Such a state of mind can be more constant and increasing according to the intensity of the PHILOSOPHICAL LEARNING.

  • ​​The FUTURE of each Human Being is designed, to a large extent, by their actions on their present time.

BA Group is a consulting firm that has developed concepts, tools and resources that enhance, accelerate and enrich individual and organizational development.
Through a healthy, peaceful, experiential and joyful philosophical-training program; our clients undergo an acceleration towards the achievement of their personal and organizational goals.

In relation to the Universe and its laws.

Our fields of action

Sequence of the Applied Philosophy method (individual format)

1.Observation of oneself and the environment.
2.Interpretation of what was observed together with a philosophical consultant.
3.Reception of philosophical-applied concepts and tools.
4.Experimentation in the field of concepts and tools acquired.
5.Verification of results.

  • People         (individual format)

  • Teams         (individual, group and hybrid format)

  • Companies (individual, group and hybrid format)

  • Organizations in general (individ, group and hybrid formats)

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